Where am I?

Not literally, but in terms of training. The preparations for Hi-Ex took up a lot of time, as I knew they would, and threw off my training a bit. I haven’t managed to get it quite back on an even keel, however, which stops now. I can only get through all of this with planning and I need to get back to doing that.

Have I been hitting my targets for the last few weeks? Honestly, I’m not too sure. I know I ran for 23km off-road and then did 22.5km on-road (different weeks) so my strength and stamina is still improving, and that gives me hope. I was always a week behind on the training, so that puts me in week 9 which means a total of 25 miles (40km) is required.

  • Monday – 14.7km
  • Wednesday – 13.2km
  • Saturday – 22.4km
  • Total – 50.3km

So, yes, I’m still comfortably doing the distance, but the quality of the sessions and the supplemental sessions have dropped off. That being said, I think I can happily count the Saturday run as my LSR for this fortnight and there will almost certainly be an intervals session on Friday to tick that box.

The B2B could prove tricky though. In order to do that I need to get out both at lunchtime and in the evening, which means putting in ten miles during my two hour lunch window. That also includes warm up, cool down and shower. These are going to start getting tight and while I’ll aim for that this week, I think the B2B sessions are going to have to start being a bit less on the 50/50 split and become more weighted towards the evenings.

I’ve also realised I’m going to have to start doing a lot more of the running off road. The 23km I did in the Pentlands didn’t pose any great issues (yeah, I was tired, but I wasn’t in pain) but 22km on the road I did more recently resulted in a some (manageable) pain in the legs. I think this might be partly down to stupidity on my part as I didn’t take any fluid or calories so I was out for two hours without fuel. Not a great idea. However, it is a worry and may lead to yet more rejigging of plans. Some after-work runs from Carlops or Balerno might be in order. And hey, that just means I can justify a pair of Ay-Ups, right?

The plan then, is to do a Granton Loop 10km on Tuesday, the B2B on Wednesday and then the intervals on Friday. This means missing out on the hill session for this fortnight, but opportunities are scarce. I also need to get more of the supplemental training in. Planning, planning and more planning, that’s what I need.