Director’s Commentary

“This was a good week of training, it all hung together quite well.”

“Yes, and it’s aged well, too.”

I’ve been listening to some classic Who commentaries for the past few days, they make for good background noise while I’m either playing about with some code, answering questions, or bagging up comics  ready for Hi-Ex.

This is all very dull to write down and to read I’m sure, but it’s all part of making sure I set targets, justify missing them, and generally just record things.

  • Sunday – Half marathon training run (21.2km). Yup, what was once a distant target has now become a “I need to run, howsabout 21km?”. I can’t lie though, the knowledge that there’d be a Fitocracy badge in it spurred me on a bit.
  • Monday – Off day.
  • Tuesday – Tai Chi for two hours, and getting close to the point in the form I reached before my long break. C’mon Cloud Hands!
  • Wednesday – 8.7km run and a core wor kout.
  • Thursday – Off day (I should have cored it up, but there’s no record of that in Fitocracy. Bad.)
  • Friday – F.E.T., with a total of ~5km running. These sessions are definitely improving. Managed the five minutes of stair hopping without a break, took two 2.5 minute sessions for the various jumping exercises, and then 5 solid minutes of single leg squats. I need to start putting another exercise into the mix, though I’m still reluctant to antelope around there. Might move to the Botanics for that one.
  • Saturday – My calves were sore after F.E.T., so I did a short (~6km) run followed by ten minutes of core.

I’m a week behind The Wall’s training schedule, so my target was 17 miles which I’ve surpassed quite comfortably. Not enough core in that though, must try harder.

Coming Up

5 Mar 18 18.5 miles 8x runs B2B 7+7miles 1x hills, 1x intervals, 1x LSR Minimum 2x XTraining5× 15min Core Stability
6 Mar 25 20.5 miles

I’m choosing to think that a B2B session counts as two runs, and I’ve already claimed the 13km of Deerstalker to be a hill sessions, so here’s how I see the next two weeks shaping up:

  • Sunday (today) – Day off (oooh, it were lovely, though I did go walking for two hours)
  • Monday – Normal lunchtime run (10km)
  • Tuesday – Tai chi
  • Wednesday – B2B. I can still get one of these in at lunchtime, but it’s going to get more difficult as the distances increase.
  • Thursday – No run.
  • Friday – Normal lunchtime run.
  • Saturday – DS (hill session, 13km)
  • Sunday – Biking at Glentress (cross training)
  • Monday – Day off.
  • Tuesday – Tai chi
  • Wednesday – Normal lunchtime run (10km).
  • Thursday – No run.
  • Friday – Intervals
  • Saturday – LSR. Although this only needs to be a few km to hit the target I’ll take the opportunity to head into the Pentlands or Ochils and do some trail work.

I’m going to fit the core workouts in where I can. After my whine about them taking longer than they should the other day, I’ve seriously tightened up the time needed. This was really just down to scribbling down a workout plan before I started, putting my head down (figuratively) and going for it.