Week Three in Review

What a busy week, but I’m hopeful that I still manage to hit my training targets.

  • 15k Devilla Forest run (which I don’t seem to be in the results for. I guess my chip failed)
  • Monday – Off
  • Tuesday – Tai Chi
  • Wednesday – 10k lunchtime run
  • Thursday – 15min core workout
  • Friday – Intervals session (7km)
  • Saturday – 15 min core workout.

That’s 32km in total which comes out at 20 miles, meaning I made the 17 miles target. Not bad, though that was a happy coincidence rather than being properly planned out. Lesson #2 : Planning is key.

The target for week #4 is 17 miles again, and I’m planning to do it like this:

  • Sunday – LSR of 16-24 kilometres. I think I should get this big one out of the way early on so that I know it’s done.
  • Monday – F.E.T.
  • Tuesday – Tai Chi (x-training)
  • Wednesday – Normal run + evening core workout
  • Thursday – Evening core workout
  • Friday – Normal run
  • Saturday – Minimum of core workout

Trying to fit in several core workouts in each week simply wasn’t working for me, mostly because there are nights in the week where I don’t get in till about half ten and at that point I really don’t feel like getting into a pair of shorts and laying out the exercise mat. The “ten minute” workout takes more than that in elapsed time once you start counting the time getting ready, warming down, resting between exercises and the like. Instead, I’ve start increasing the time and scope of the workouts, going for rep counts with some exercises instead of just doing them for a minute.

Those sessions are definitely helping, and I can feel it when I’m out running. The Devilla Forest run and the sub-45 10km that I did this week are good examples. During both I felt that I was struggling a bit, but I could feel that the core muscles were coming into play, holding me upright and preventing me from falling into that hunched over shuffle position so beloved of tired runners.