Run To The Hills

Week two in review is looking pretty good. Although the days got shifted around a bit, I still managed to accomplish almost everything I set out to, the only casualty being the planned intervals session since it could have left me in a poor state to tackle a double header over the weekend.

  • Sunday – Trail run, 11km(already written about)
  • Monday – 9.3km run.
  • Tuesday – Tai Chi
  • Wednesday – F.E.T., including 4.5km of running
  • Thursday – Core workout (15 mins)
  • Friday – Core workout (10 mins)
  • Saturday – Party! 15km run

Wednesday’s F.E.T. saw the numbers increase as Sandy’s decided he’s up for some different training as well. While Jacob and I have only managed stair jumps and jumping on the spot (what exciting names) so far, we finally got the hang of the squats as well. I reckon we can add another exercise this week and start cutting down on the warm up run to give us more time. Each exercise may only be for a minimum of five minutes, but there’s generally a fair bit of “Just <gasp> another <gasp> minute” in between sessions.

Target for running was 25km and I hit 40km, so I’m doing okay on distance. I’m not aiming to smash the targets or anything, I’m still running within my limits, it’s just that if I was to run “only” 25km I’d have to miss out on some fun.


When you know adventure racers, invitations to parties tend to be a bit more interesting than “what booze will I pick up?”. They tend to involve getting muddy…and then drinking that booze you picked up.

Rachel reached a significant number on Saturday so she decided to put on race to celebrate. Up to 17km of checkpoints to be got around her patch of Colinton Mains. I was going to be up against some of the Top Bananas and a couple of Team SALT as well, so I did the smart thing and teamed up with someone faster than me.

Turns out that Ally’s protestations that he was out of shape were still beyond my current abilities as he took off like a hare and I struggled to keep up. However, I pressed on and the run was better for it. It’s always good to have someone who’s happy to go just that little bit faster without getting frustrated. The explosive start took its toll and I was straining a bit by the end, but we made it round 15km of mixed terrain (+/-240m) in 1h 25 minutes which isn’t too shabby.

I would have stayed to sample the booze, but I had to repeat the same feat again the next day.

Week three plan and results to follow.