The first week’s training went pretty much to plan. To recap:

  •  Sunday – 10km run.
  • Monday – F.E.T. + core workout
  • Tuesday – Tai-chi
  • Wednesday – B2B. 8km runs at lunch and after work.
  • Thursday – Core workout
  • Friday – nada
  • Saturday – An hour on the bike (the storms never appeared)

Not bad, but I didn’t do the core as much as I should.I can feel my form during the exercises improving, so this is undoubtedly going to have a positive effect on my running, but I need to get into more of a habit with it.

Week two is going to be similar, but I think I’ve got a better handle on what’s expected from the training calendar.

  • Sunday – Trail run (more on that in a bit) + core workout
  • Monday – F.E.T. + core workout
  • Tuesday – Tai-chi + core workout
  • Wednesday – 10km lunchtime run + core workout
  • Thursday – Core workout
  • Friday – Intervals (no core, pub night)
  • Saturday – Should be a rest day, but I’ll be running the streets of Edinburgh for a friend’s birthday.

By my reckoning, that means I’m making up my distance target from the Sunday, Wednesday and Friday sessions since F.E.T. is mostly done in one spot.

Today’s trail run was interesting to say the least. I went up to Blairadam Forest where I do a lot of weekend walking. You might remember this picture from Janathon:

I decided to clamber over that tree and press on to familiar paths beyond. Turns out that that was just the first of many, many trees that have fallen in that part of the forest. I ended up having to clamber over, under, through and around large piles of trees. At times I was easily a few metres off the ground, balancing along tree trunks and pondering on the fact that I hadn’t told anyone where I was going and that the trees would make a good baffle if I needed to call for help.

While the climbing was fun (and a good core workout), it meant my speed was pretty poor, resulting in a total time of ~90 minutes for a shade over 11km. Hardly setting the heather on fire. I’ll continue to use Blairadam for training, but I’ll be doing loops of the clear paths rather than wasting energy playing at being a potential casualty.