Lessons Learned #1

This week’s Flat Earth Training Monday was much, much better than last week’s. Not only because the tuck jumps felt like we were doing the right thing, but because I could walk the next day. Turns out, if you concentrate more on the landing rather than the jumping you can save yourself a lot of pain. Makes sense really. Lesson learned.

And with today’s B2B runs (~8.5km at lunchtime and the same in the evening), I believe I’ve hit my target for the week. 10km on Sunday and 17km today puts me well over the 21km target. Just as well really, as my knees were starting to feel it a bit on this evening’s run. That’s to be expected though, I reckon, as I’ve been doing leg work of some variety for the last four days.

I’m going to take Thursday and Friday off from foot training, though I’ll be doing my core workout tomorrow. I think I overestimated what the first week’s training was meant to be, as I’d only left myself a single day off. That doesn’t seem like a regime which is building up to fitness, more like what you build up to. So with a normal run, a hill training session, one cross-training and a B2B, I think I can take a few days for recovery, though I still intend to get out on the bike at the weekend as I haven’t been out on it in too long.