shutdown -r now

I was going to write a post yesterday reviewing my first week of Ultra training but instead I’ll be writing about how I’m just about to start the training. Reason being is that last week I got sick. It started as a sniffle, continued to a sneeze and ended up with a day off work because my head and stomach had decided to join a minor galactic rebellion.

While I had made it out running on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, with core workout sessions as well, the training hadn’t been all that structured and I was going to miss the first week’s target. I’m going to be following this guide from Gary Vallance to get into shape which is for an event at the end of June. So, with the buffer time that I have after that, I figured it was better to consider myself starting the training a week behind the rest of the class.

Distance: 10.67km
Time taken: 00:56:39
Average/Max Speed : 11.30/15.01 kph
Average/Min Pace : 00:05:19/00:03:59
Calories: 755 ******

So today’s run was a straightforward one; no hill reps, no dropping to the ground for core work, and no leaping about on stairs. It puts me over halfway towards the running total for the week. The way I’m thinking of it, is that the mileage should be made up from runs specifically for that purpose.

In the spirit of sharing goals so that I can refer back to them, I believe the rest of my week will look like this:

  • Monday – Intervals using the lampposts up and down the Water of Leith. Ten minute core session in the evening.
  • Tuesday – No run, but I will be doing tai-chi for two hours and that counts as cross training in my book.
  • Wednesday – My B2B session. A lunchtime run followed by an evening run at home. This will mean I’ve achieved my target distance for the week. Ten minute core session.
  • Thursday – Ten minute core session.
  • Friday – Flat Earth Training in place of hill work. Maybe core in the evening, but I’ll likely be in the pub after work so…
  • Saturday – I will get the bike cleaned up and back on it! And a ten minute core session.

Actually, that’ll do quite nicely for week two as well.