The Pleasures of Self Destruction

I’ll tell you this, boy, that’s a lovely sight.

In Juneathon I finished by standing on the trig point on the summit of Arthur’s Seat, having my picture taken by a bemused Canadian tourist. No such event this time, just a straightforward run. However, there’s not a lot left in the legs and I needed to get away on time tonight, so it was a short, sharp, fast one.

Running Free is down again, but the numbers can be summed up as follows: 6.54km in a time of 29:23 giving an average speed of 4:30/km. Not a high number to finish on, but proof that heavy legs can still move when they need to.

So that’s it, a total of 243km which is only 15km off June’s total. A cracking result! I’m much further down the leaderboards this time so I guess people have upped their game. Whatever the reason, I’m happy to have started from a weak position in terms of personal fitness and put in such a decent effort.

I’ll be taking a few days off, but I’ve already got my return planned out; a Sunday morning run back at my folks’ place and then more chainsawing of fallen trees. It’ll be a good day.

I’m off to see Stephen Jones.