Don’t Stop Moving

I’d like to think that I’ve got something eloquent and poignant to say on the second last day of Janathon, but I don’t. There won’t be any great words of wisdom tomorrow either as I’ll be in, eating, and then back out again to head to Glasgow for a gig (Babybird, since you asked). I would just go straight from work but that would then involve killing time, finding food and inevitably turning up stupidly early for show and constantly refreshing twitter in the hope of something interesting being said. You can tell I’ve done it before.


Distance: 7.29km
Time taken: 00:35:14
Average/Max Speed : 12.41/30.08 kph
Average/Min Pace : 00:04:50/00:01:59
Calories: 520


So that’s it. The distances are dropping off as my legs are in need of a rest. I’ve done far fewer kilometres than I did in June, but I went into that month having been training leading up to it and started Janathon from an almost standing start. After Tuesday, it’ll be a few days off in which I’ll work out and write down a training schedule for the Ultra and then I’ll have tangible and quantifiable to aim for.

Oh, and 2012km in 2012. It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it…