Keep a rolling, just a mile to go

Just two days left to go, then a few days off and then into proper, structured training for the rest of the year. I’m looking forward to the structure as it means that every time I go out it’ll serve a purpose. Conversely, the nights I go out just to get some miles in, it’ll be a relaxing affair.

Today I had intended to run the same loop as yesterday as it’s a known 10km loop and that was my distance target again. However, when I got to the end of the path from my door and onto the street, I couldn’t face turning left for the umpteenth day in a row. So I turned right instead and headed off to the completely opposite side of town.

Distance: 10.25km
Time taken: 00:55:23
Average/Max Speed : 11.10/14.59 kph
Average/Min Pace : 00:05:24/00:04:06
Calories: 730 ******

It’s funny to think that this time in Juneathon, I went out and did a half marathon. Instead, it’s half that distance that I’m aiming for. Ah well, I was in full training swing last June so the extra miles weren’t quite such a shock to the system. I fully anticipate that with a few days off after Janathon, I’ll be able to head straight into a 15km run. Yeah, that’s way more than the 10% week-on-week increase that’s suggested, but I’ve run longer distances happily in the past and the only thing that’s stopping me at the moment is knowing that I’ll need go out again tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Today had been earmarked for getting back on the bike but that wasn’t to be. The other weekend, my local games shop, Kingdom of Adventure, announced that it was shutting its doors, another victim of the crappy economic climate. It’s strange to think that it was fewer than two years ago that I played my first role-playing game at Hi-Ex 2010 and now I’m mourning the loss of a local store.

I’d always turned down the opportunity to play RPGs before, believing them to be too nerdy even for me. I was wrong. Turns out they’re a bunch of mates getting together to talk shite, roll dice, talk more shite, and generally just have a good laugh. Luckily, plans are already afoot to keep the various Monday night games going, so there will be many more nights where someone rolling snake eyes reduces everyone to howls of laughter. You had to be there.