Just like last weekend, I dragged myself out of bed and did a 10km run. Unlike last weekend I did it without the pack.

Distance: 10.04km
Time taken: 00:51:12
Average/Max Speed : 11.76/14.52 kph
Average/Min Pace : 00:05:06/00:04:07
Calories: 720 ******

I had fully intended to get the pack on again, but I was having a bit of trouble with motivation this morning, mostly due to the fact that there was a thick layer of frost over everything. So when I go to the back door, laced up my shoes and made sure the GPS had a connection, I realised that I couldn’t be bothered venturing back into the house to find the pack.

It had to be a morning run today as I’ve been across in Glasgow meeting up with some of the consolevaniacs for the semi-regular occurrence that is ConCon. Put simply, it’s a bunch of mates who used to watch an online video games review show who get together to laugh at/with each other and have a few drinks. Imagine that, eh? Gamers who socialise. Pffft! That age old stereotype will be collapsing in on itself any day now.

On the way home, I made time to listen to The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman. As a digital release, it’s available as a single, 64 minute track which is coincidentally the same time as the bus from Glasgow to home. What an album. I can’t imagine it would work as someone’s introduction to Sparks unless they’re into bizarre musicals about Swedish directors, but it has that classic Sparks feel running through it. I can imagine it being a staple in the car for journeys that last just that little bit longer than an hour.