It’s dead, Jim

Well, Running Free appears to have disappeared again so obviously needs some more energetic hamsters to power the servers. It’s okay though, I can get the information out of Endomondo. To wit:

Distance: 9.52km
Time taken: 00:48:56
Average/Max Speed : 11.67/60.88 kph
Average/Min Pace : 00:05:09/00:00:59
Calories: 676 ******

Another run with regular running buddy Jacob today, though both of us were feeling a bit leaden. If evidence was needed it was long periods of silence as we just tried to keep enough oxygen flowing. Or maybe that was just me.

Tonight is the last Wednesday of the month, and the last Wednesday of the month is the traditional time for zombies! Well, given that we very, very rarely show zombie movies perhaps it’s not so traditional, but tonight was an actual, bona fide, zombie double bill.

I was only going to be able to stick around for the first film, but it didn’t disappoint.


An astonishingly bad film from start to finish. It’s clear from the trailer that Lenzi had no intention of using ordinary zombies, these ones run, plot and use automatic weapons. The film introduced characters with elaborate histories, only to kill them off with a crossbow in a small field. Heads exploded, women screamed, men were useless, it was all there. Highly recommended!

Best line of the night definitely goes to “We’ll go with Plan H, and keep Plan B for later”. Genius!