Off the stool and on your feet

You know that bit in a pop song when the key changes and the sugary, manufactured band launch into the ringtone-friendly chorus for the last time? I’ve been having similar moments while running recently, except that those moments ruin songs and the running has improved.

The last few runs have followed a definite trajectory whereby I start off feeling absolutely terrible, heavy legs,lungs unwilling to work and a mental fatigue. I switch off for a few kilometres, thinking of anything but running. Then, not long after I’ve decided I’ll just do a short one today, I start to straighten up a bit, my breathing becomes less laboured and the legs wake up a bit.

That’s definitely what happened today, so the “I’ll just give it 5-6km” turned into another 10km loop. Surprisingly, I’ve run two new loops over the weekend and both have come out at almost exactly 10km to the metre. That’s some homing GPS I must have up top.

Distance: 10.12km
Time taken: 00:53:17
Average/Max Speed : 11.39/16.50 kph
Average/Min Pace : 00:05:16/00:03:38
Calories: 718 ******