Juneathon #26

In which Ross runs a half marathon. It was always going to be a run that was for distance rather than a PB, but I had it in my head that I still wanted to do a sub-two hour time. This would match the first one I ever ran in Alloa, several years ago.

It was a dreich start to the day and I wondered if I was going to end up cold and wet, but thankfully the rain passed on leaving us with an overcast and reasonably warm day. I knew this was going to be slow and ponderous so I was toying with the idea of running with headphones and getting through some more podcasts or audio books, but ultimately decided that this was not the time to start experimenting.

So, as usual, I turned up in plenty of time, warmed up, and then realised I had twenty minutes to go. Luckily it passed relatively quickly and before too long I was off and running, keeping a close eye on my Forerunner to try and stick to around a 6min/km speed.

There’s really not much to say about the majority of the run; I plodded round, had a bit of banter (though not a lot due to the fact that half of the pack seemed to have headphones in), and then decided I needed to put on a push. You can see this at the 1:38 mark on the graphs as my speed leaps up and I started passing a lot of people. I managed to do well on the few downhills and just let myself go, which scared a couple of girls as I went passed them at an almost out-of-control speed.

Once I was back in the park I realised I really didn’t have much time left to make it in under two hours. In fact, it was going to be very, very close. I dug deep, found a bit more energy and sprinted for the line. According to my GPS I passed the line with 15s to go, but I’ll keep an eye on the official chip times and see what comes out of it.

Four days to go. I’d really love to hit 250km but I’m not sure my legs would cope with that. Whatever happens I’d like to finish with a run up Arthur’s Seat on Thursday.