Juneathon #7

Another 10km on the same lunchtime loop. It seems a bit dull to keep repeating it but it’s a nice round number, it’s fairly flat, traffic free and has a variety of scenery. I reckon that by the end of the month I’ll need to know every step of it as I’ll be running with my mind completely in neutral.

So while I’ll be doing a lot more running in June than I did in May, I’ll also be doing a lot less gig-going. May was a bit mad for that as bands I like decided to all descend on Scotland in the same month.

Laura Cantrell

I’ve seen Laura play many times and it’s always enjoyable, but I suspect I’ll give her a pass next time. The best gig I saw her play was in Subway Cowgate where we were crammed in, standing on the benches round the walls and the atmosphere was thick. Sadly, that’s not been the case with the last few I’ve seen. It’s probably just a product of the fact that she draws a crowd of a certain age who aren’t too keen on whooping and hollering, preferring to sit quietly and applaud politely.

Drive-By Truckers

What I would term a “blank cheque band” as I would hand over a blank cheque to see them play. I’ve been following the band since ’04 (I think) and they were the first band I bought ear plugs before going to see. I was very glad of them in King Tut’s that night and I’ve been using them and singing along to the Truckers ever since.

It was a slightly odd gig as the support act had had to go home due to a death in the family. I can only assume that that’s why they opened with Putting People On The Moon and the set also included Cooley singing When The Pin Hits The Shell.

Frank Turner

I’m a late comer to FTHC so I figured I probably wouldn’t get to see the intimate shows of old, but he’s a veteran tourer and still plays small pubs. Even in Dunfermline. Unsurprisingly it was utterly brilliant and I was slightly hoarse the next day from singing along.

Iron Chic

Another fantastic TIOB show. Great band, lots of fun, and I couldn’t see a thing. We were so packed into the 13th Note that I was a few rows back and couldn’t tell you how many people are in the band (I now know it’s five). Picking up their debut full length is highly recommended.


Ach, it was alright, but the highlight was bumping into a friend I haven’t seen in years and who’s leaving the country in a few weeks. We chatted so much we got told to be quiet. Which is fair enough.

Abigail Washburn

A recommendation from Kas and yet another good one. The man has good taste. It was quite a journey to the gig as it was the Sunday after Sandy’s stag do. Drove from Newtonmore to Edinburgh to drop off JT, then back home, napped on the sofa for a few hours then back into Edinburgh in the evening. This woman is just wonderful and I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing her play on a regular basis.

Andrew Jackson Jihad

The Jihad! 13th Note, singing along, having a ball.


Oh, and these things are awesome.