A farewell of sorts

So the last round of Facebook privacy fails finally got to me and I’ve deactivated my account. Sort of. I ended up creating a new account which I have not populated with personal data. The most you’re going to get from it are my name and a list of friends.  Oh sure, you can poke holes in that as a plan for privacy but it makes me feel better that the account won’t be associated with an an email address I use, my phone number, or anything like that. No mobile app will ever connect to this new account.

Mind you, if this new Groups function rolls out and people start adding me to strange groups for “fun”, I might just knock it on the head entirely.

While Facebook is a really useful tool to keeping in touch with people in a very informal way, I’ve become increasingly annoyed at their attitudes toward data. While the PR bods witter on about how its our data and FB won’t mess with it, they then allow my friends to announce that I’ve arrived somewhere. That’s taking control of my information away from me.

Even now, the account isn’t really deleted, I can “login at any time to reactivate it”. The magic number is allegedly 14; 14 days of inactivity and it’ll be deleted. Roll on the 29th, just to be sure.