B is for Ball

I’m actually up to G now, so I’d better start getting through some posts.

The cover to 'b' by Moxy FruvousMoxy Fruvous – b

Ah, the great Moxy Früvous. It’s fair to say they hold a special place in my heart and it still smarts that I never got to see them live. However, the opening notes of I Love My Boss brought a big smile to my face and it was a struggle not to sing along with The Kids’ Song in the middle of the office.

AC/DC – Back In Black

What’s left to say about this album? It’s a classic and with good reason. A great one to bring out when I’m feeling angry and need a combination of come-down and cheer-up. Every time I listen to this album the opening noise of bells tolling makes me smile.

Pearl Jam – Backspacer

Pearl Jam continue the downward trend that started with the eponymous album. Looking at the tracklist just now, the only track I can remember anything of is the opener which isn’t surprising given that I’ve probably listened to this album less than a dozen times. I should just delete it and stick with their earlier catalogue.

Warren Zevon – Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School

Not my favourite of Warren’s albums, but it still has some great tracks on it, the most famous of which is probably Play It All Night Long. I didn’t even know that was a Zevon track before I got this. Sadly, he’s another entry on the list of artists that I only discovered after they die.

Joan Jett – Bad Reputation

I’ve only become a Joan Jett fan in the last few months. I was digging through the vinyl tubs in Third Base and came across this for £2 so picked it up, basing the choice solely on enjoying the title track. Turns out Joan rocks and I’m now buying up more of her albums. Highly, highly recommended.

Hazmat Modine – Bahamut

I think this was deposited on my iPod by Kas and probably sat there for a while until I started this task. Oh, it’s good, it’s very good. To be honest, I can’t remember much about it as I’ve only listened to it the once but I can clearly remember sitting in the sunshine on the Links and really getting into it. Definitely on the list marked “for further investigation”.

Moxy Früvous – Bargainville

Where the Frü-journey began. I’m pretty certain it wasn’t the first album of theirs that I had but it remains one of my favourites (though I’ll be almost at the end of the alphabet before I get to a couple of them). As with b, so many good memories. Fuck, it’s more than a decade since I first heard this.

Slobberbone – Barrel Chested

So this listening jaunt has worked out well so far; I’ve just googled for the cover to this album and learned that Slobberbone have reformed, are touring and plan a new album for this year. Excuse me while I punch the air. Punch!

This is a great album; Engine Joe, Little Drunk Fists, Haze of Drink. Sheer, southern rock wonder.

Eels – Beautiful Freak

This should be a teenage hangover, right? The age I am this is one of the classic albums from that era and yet I only heard it all the way through in the last five years or so. I count that discrepancy as wasted time as this is an album that deserves all the pundits it receives. It’s also the only Eels album that I return to with any regularity. I like some of the others, but it’s always this one I reach for.

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Bedlam Ballroom

So how does a teenager discover a band who plays ’30s style jazz that’s been funked up a bit? Well, if you’re me, you pick up a copy of a short lived CD-ROM magazine that’s been imported by that new fangled Borders book shop on Buchanan Street because it has some Barenaked Ladies stuff on it as well as a track from these guys.

They’re a hell of a lot of fun.

Jonathan Coulton – Best. Concert. Ever.

I like music that makes me laugh and this fits the bill. He’ll always be best known for Still Alive and that’s not a bad song by any stretch, but there are better ones on here.

Unfortunately, if you get the album through emusic in the UK, like I did, you don’t get Still Alive due to licensing restrictions. Easily fixed, but a pain in the arse when you’re trying to do the right thing.

I saw him twice last year including on my birthday, where MrC and I got really, really drunk. Good meeting.

Phish – Billy Breathes

My favourite Phish album? Quite possibly.

The Donnas – Bitchin’

Bloody hell! This is their seventh album? Wow. Their last proper album to date is an homage to stadium rock and it’s damn good. I’m not sure if it’s up there with …Turn 21 but it’s a keeper, nonetheless.

And that’s your lot, I’m afraid. I’m into the Ts now and the thought of writing up everything in between doesn’t fill me with joy. Suffice to say I’m still having a blast listening to things I haven’t heard in years.