PB & ebay

The regular lunchtime running I’ve been doing for the last 6-8 months certainly paid off as I managed to shave roughly seven minutes off my previous best for a half marathon. To be honest, I was hoping to manage more but that just means I’ve got room to improve further.

It’s really interesting to have the GPS plot as it’s clear that the final few miles where I felt I put on a spurt and picked up the pace was all an illusion. It appear that this was my slowest part of the race. Oh well, I guess I should learn to put on a spurt further back in the race. That and to take stock of my time at the halfway mark.

All that said, I had a really good run and felt probably the strongest I have for a half. The sprint training has definitely helped as I managed to put on a burst at the last minute and ended in a 50m sprint for the line with another racer. It was great fun. The last minute burst also qualified me for a spot prize of a SIS water bottle. Fortuitous timing given that the my current bike bottle has acquired a black mold due to being left in the sun.