Long Weekend

Thankfully, this is nothing to do with being killed by woodland.

I feel like I’ve been ridiculously busy of late. I’m regularly doing something after work on four out of five nights. I’m really going to have to give up on the “I’m not all that sociable” idea. Weekends aren’t exempt either and this has led to a couple of evening and afternoons where I can do little but snooze on the sofa.

So, what’s been filling my time? A couple of weeks ago I met up with Alex and took in the Meursault gig at Sneaky Pete’s. It was a good night with good music, good craic and a few too many beers on my part. I remain somewhat unconvinced with the new Meursault album. While I like the songs and the sounds, I think the mix is a bit flat. It comes more alive using headphones in the ipod than on my hi-fi which is disappointing.

The following day was a glorious one and the call of the wild was in my ears. By which I mean I went to the zoo with Scott, James and Julia. A cracking day which culminated in a barbecue on the Links and having golf balls fired at us as we left. Good times. Sunday was as hot as Saturday and since the walk to Asda at half eight made my skin tingle I decided that seeking a day in the shade was in order and got stuck into the stack of unread progs.

And now another week has passed and it’s a bank holiday weekend. Saturday passed had my cycling into Edinburgh for a meal out. Again, good craic and good food though not enough spice. On Sunday I’d planned to wave off Ben Thomas and friend on their cycle from Edinburgh to Le Mans. Sadly, I was in the wrong place at the right time and missed them. Ah well.

The afternoon was a trip to see Rec 2 (not as good as the first one, but still fun), an aborted attempt at a barbecue and a successful game of Tapeball in the flat. Everyone seemed to be flagging in the evening so I hopped on my bike and returned home.

Today I’ve made bugger all use of my day off, preferring to catch up on some sleep, read some more progs, clean the bike and watch some extras on Doctor Who DVDs. Yet another fine day in a string of them.