I Know Where My Towel Is

So there are two things I’ve given up on this week and one that I’m doggedly sticking with.

After posting last night about The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo I made it through another twenty pages before dropping the book on the coffee table, walking through to the back room and picking Peter Hamilton’s The Dreaming Void from the shelf. It’s a lovely big hardback I picked up from the discount book shop in town before it closed. In the first thirty pages I was already more interested in the characters and the story. Okay, so comparing the stories is probably unfair, but he’s certainly a better author.

So that’s one that I’ve given up on. The other was the game to the right; A Boy and His Blob. Note the age rating on the box. Okay, so the age ratings are for content not difficulty, but this is clearly a game aimed at young children. However, if was the very difficulty that put me off.

The main game is fun to play with simple puzzles, the kind where you wonder for a minute, try something a little left-field and yes, it works. But then you hit the boss battles and suddenly it’s twitch gaming with puzzles that bear little similarity to those of the main levels.

I only made it to the second guardian according to the guide I consulted. Yes, even with the guide telling me what to do (which it’s doubtful I would have figured out) I couldn’t get the timing right. I’m glad to say I’m not the only person who’s found this and most people I talked to about it struggled to recall if they’d played the game through to the end or not.

So what am I doggedly hanging on to? Lost. There’s only a two part finale to go and I’ll be almost glad when it’s over. The final season has been a chore to sit through with the show feeling like it’s treading water. The last two episodes have been no better being alternately an infodump and an episode to drastically reduce the number of characters to worry about in the future.

Two episodes to go and then I think my TV watching schedule is free from US drama. Not that the UK side of things is much more populated as there’s only Doctor Who. More time for other pursuits I guess.