Girl With The Poorly Drawn Tattoo

Cover of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"People have been raving about this book a lot. It was apparently released to great acclaim in Sweden and then everywhere it went after that.

I’m normally one who avoids hype, especially around popular culture. It’s a bad habit of mine as it means I often miss out on some of the good stuff. So I relented and picked this up at the weekend.

So far, it’s borderline awful. The pacing is glacial, the story is spelled out in huge chunks of turgid dialogue and there are vast swathes of pointless background information. At least the first fifty pages could be removed with little subsequent editing.

Fair’s fair, the author died before they were published (AFAIK) so perhaps the publishing house didn’t feel too comfortable editing a dead man’s manuscripts for him. However, I really feel that the hype surrounding the books is more to do with the dead author than the stories themselves.

When I voiced this opinion the other night I was surprised to find a number of people agreeing with me. Where was the universal love for these “amazing” stories? Perhaps those who like them the most rarely read crime fiction. Most people acknowledged that while the story was interesting, the telling was not, even going so far as to suggest that I simply watch the films instead.

I’ll push on for now, but it’s far from a foregone conclusion that I’ll make it to the end.