Good Weekend/Bad Weekend

Right, I’m cheating a bit here as the good weekend happened a few weeks ago and I just haven’t got around to writing about it yet. I’ve written before about the epic bike journeys that Sandy, Tim and I have done. To be fair, only one of them has got its own post, but there have been others, the pictures from which are somewhat legendary.

I think this latest trip up to Aviemore was the most successful yet. I didn’t hit the bonk and my bike was already broken before I got there so I can’t blame the trip for that. Saturday involved a relatively easy ride around and about Loch Morlich, including a fantastic bit of downhill courtesy of the path to the Lairig Ghru (sorry, walkers!). The day started off a bit miserable but the weather stayed relatively dry, if still cold.

On the Sunday we came home via the Laggan Wolf Trax which was incredibly good fun! The downside of those tracks is that were Glentress uses wood, they use stone. When you’ve only got an inch of travel in your front forks that makes for a wrist shattering time of it. However, it still counts as one of my favourite downhills and I suspect I may call in from time to time when traveling up to Inverness.

So that was the good weekend.

This (long) weekend; not so much. More water through the roof during a brief rainstorm meant that I was going to be calling the roofer and the car was due its MOT on Monday. Turns out that the car needed a fair bit of work and the same could be said for the roof. Both are now fixed and my wallet is considerably lighter.

Ho hum, I’d rather not write such short and pointless posts but I’ve been slacking off due to lack of free time and want to try and get the ball rolling again.