Hi-Ex 2010

Another year, another cracking convention in the town of my birth. Hi-Ex is going from strength to strength each year, which is a cliche but it’s true. Which is also a cliche.

It’s funny to think that the first con in 2008 was based in only a few small rooms in Eden Court and this year managed to fill the large theatre as well as several others rooms at different times over the weekend.

The main point for me was, of course, selling my collection. Stupidly I didn’t take any pictures of my setup, but you can see me standing behind a Predator over at the Forbidden Planet blog. I was also running up and down to cover another two tables, selling raffle tickets, Hi-Ex t-shirts and some very, very nice Dredd badges from Termight.

I did amazingly well over the weekend, helped in no small part by being the only person who was selling a wide range of back issues. I think the £1/book price point helped as well. I got a lot of repeat custom over the weekend, helped especially by dropping the price a couple of times on Sunday to try and shift more. The people who benefited from the “3 for £1” selling did better than hey had any right to hope for, but I’m glad I managed to make a lot of people happy with some new books to read.

I was quite restrained with my own spending (beyond copious beers), only stopping by Cinebooks and the Harker stands. I would have bought more but it was late on by the time I got round so some folks had sold out.

Dave from KoA was an absolute star, minding the stall for me while I got my first shot at some pen & paper role-playing. It was good. It was very good fun. I need to do more of that. Listening to nothing by D&D podcasts on the drive up and back probably helps with that opinion.

Dave and I yakked about the con for an hour for the podcast, both of us trying our best to sum up just how much fun we’d had. I had a truly amazing weekend. It was great to catch up with Simon, albeit briefly, I had a good conversation with Charlie Adlard about European comics, X-Files and Argento. Despite missing the Cam Kennedy interview on the Sunday, I ended up chatting to him one-on-one for a while as he wandered round the hall. He also gave me a beautiful set of postcard-sized prints of some of his iconic work.

So many other great moments, not least of which was the side-splitting Saturday night. A night of plentiful drink, plentiful friends old and new, and jam comics that will never see the light of day again.

Roll on Hi-Ex 2011.

Two postcards of Kennedy artwork

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