I haven’t written anything for a while. Not for a lack of things to write about, I’ve just been buzzing about like a blue-arsed fly for a few weeks. So, a few retrospective posts over the next few days should sort things out.

A few week’s ago the second podsmash of Sonic’s Clear Wank was recorded. It was an absolute blast and since Perrin hasn’t finished editing it all together I haven’t heard the end result. Can’t blame him since the recording took about three hours.

Before we did that though, those of us in the Sonic’s Ring contingent had to record a very short piece for The Game Reviews. Frankly, I really didn’t enjoy that part nearly so much as the subject was the “Most Overhyped Game of 2009”. I’m not sure you could get a more significant piece of negative journalism as it led directly to us taking a great game and pretending it wasn’t as good as the hype suggested. To be honest, I hope our segment gets dropped.

Continuing in the podcast theme, the Edinburgh Zombie Club recorded their first one last week. I’ve just finished editing it together into something coherent and sent it out to those involved for a stamp of approval. I’m hoping we can manage one a month between movie nights. Next time though we’ll need to be careful not to talk over each other so much, do so much monologuing or eat snacks and crack open cans. It’s a start though.

If the sentences above read like a 5 year old wrote them it’s because for Christmas I got a migraine and it’s still hanging around.