Folk it

Friday night saw me digging out the old recording equipment (and trialling some new bits as well) as I’d been asked to record The Mannequins EP launch night. I hadn’t seen any of the guys in ages and hadn’t used the gear for a long time either so it was good to catch up with both. The mics should be getting some more use next week at the inaugural Edinburgh Zombie Club Podcast recording. Quite how shambolic that turns out remains to be heard.

So, naturally, Friday night involved a few pints so I slept in a bit on Saturday morning. I seem ptogrammed to wake up at 9:30 on weekends. Normally I’d be annoyed and try to get up earlier, but since I average only about six hours a night during the week I figure my body knows what it needs. I got piss all done during the day but that didn’t bother me much since I was off to see the folk supergroup Lau in the evening.

I’ve only seen Lau once before but they’re firmly cemented as one of my favourite live acts. They took the roof off the place with a stunning rendition of Horizontigo and that was only the second track. Amazingly, they upped the ante further and never let up for a second.

Adding to my vinyl collection I picked up a copy of Live on orange vinyl. Beautiful so it is. The acoustic arguments aside, the aesthetics of vinyl far outweigh that of any other media. The only problem with Live is that it has neither Horizontigo or The Burrian which are both on Arc Light. Ah well, guess I’ll just have to re-buy that as well.