Adventures In Hi-Fi

Not, not an R.E.M. reference but instead a nod to my latest hi-fi purchase.

Fake Problems on the turntable

I actually picked it up a little over a month ago but I’m been slacking on the blogging so fuck off. I’ve been meaning to add a turntable to my hi-fi for a decade now. You can tell by the fact that I specifically bought an amp with a phono stage back in 1999. I finally have something to plug into it.

None of your new stuff though, this thing is almost as old as me. Bought from Hi-Fi corner on Leith Walk 25 years ago by Dave in the office it’s served him and his family well until now and now it’ll do me for a good long time to come. I missed a trick though, apparently if he’d heard I was after a turntable a week earlier I’d have had it for free. Unfortunately he googled and found it’s something of a collector’s item. That didn’t stop him selling it to me for a song!

I’ve been really enjoying the few records I have over on this side of the country but I knew the needle was worn and a couple of discs were skipping. Tonight that’s all fixed though. A quick stop at the same store it was bought from and I came away with a new new needle and cartridge as well as the requisite knowledge to get it setup properly.

All the tutorials I’d read and tried to follow about setting the weight on the arm were as nothing next to a thirty second demonstration. The owner of the shop took me through a number of tables with various high end additions but none of it was sales speak. He was clearly just interested in showing off what was possible often dismissing what he was about to show me with a “You don’t need this but just look”. The silicon gel filled arm rest was something else.

Fitting the new cartridge was a doddle and it took seconds to get the weight fixed. Now none of the records skip and it’s borderline silent between tracks (the borderline only being noticeable if I put my head next to the speaker).

One of my favourite albums of all time, Workingman’s Dead, is filling my room with sonic wonder.