It’s been pissing it down with rain for the last couple of days which, coupled with feeling really less than great has meant I’ve not done any exercise of note since Sunday. Given all that it seems typical that as I look out the window at the moment the rain has stopped and the wind died down. Just after I’ve eaten a large meal. I want to go out and run but know from experience it’ll be a horrible experience which I’ll regret.

Sad to say but I reckon I’m going to have to join a gym if I want to keep my hand in with some reasonably enjoyable exercising over the winter. This is normally when I slack off but if I want to be in a reasonable shape to tackle the Heb next year then keeping up a regimen is important. If I joined one of the gyms in Dunfermline I’d probably never go, but one has opened up outside the back steps of Waverley station which I would have to walk past twice a day. Nice and handy for either morning or evening sessions.

New Light

New light! After failing to be able to distinguish between path and ditch while in the Pentlands the other week, I decided to get something with a few more lumens to its name. Behold my new Exposure Joystick. Even if I don’t get into the hills for a little while I intend to take it out onto the b-roads of Fife and Perthshire to give it a trial in the next few days.