At Least It Wasn’t Earlier

November rumbles on. As usual I took a few days off to avoid working on my birthday and so had a two day week last week. Tuesday night was JoCo gig number two through in Glasgow where MrCadbury and I got…shitfaced. This made Wednesday a bit of a damp squib. However, I struggled up at a reasonable hour, downed a pint of Nuun’d up water and felt not too bad considering. Managed a trip to Tesco in the afternoon to pick up a copy of MW2 and completely failed to cope with playing it for more than an hour. Curry in the evening and then an early night.

Thursday brought little of note. I went to my local bike shop (I’m ashamed of how little I’ve used that place given that it’s 200m from my front door) and picked up two semi-slick tyres for the bike. Not being hugely adept at changing tyres it took me ninety minutes to get them on though this did include noticing they were the wrong way around and having to reverse them (more on that later). I also managed to puncture both the front and rear tubes but hey, it’s a learning experience. Went to see Harry Brown in the evening so that I had a film to talk about in the next Sonic’s Ring.

Friday brought the Ikea joy. Unfortunately, Ikea joy was delayed by an hour due to a wreck on the highway so I was even more ratty than I would normally be in that place. However, we made it out alive so Dad and I started work on constructing my new wardrobe. Only been three years in this flat, it’s not like that’s a long time to be without basic furniture.

November’s music going continued in the evening with Colin Hay in Edinburgh. It was at The Caves which is a hell of an echoey venue. I can’t imagine it being any good for full band gigs. Sadly, the gig was populated with many many twats who thought that talking was part of a good gig atmosphere. There was a couple two rows in front of me, the girl seemed unable to pass thirty seconds without talking to her other half despite numerous “ssshhhh“s from the crowd. Despite that, it was a great gig from a man who appears completely comfortable being in a dialogue with the crowd.

On Saturday, I got soaked. Went out to try the new tyres properly (and realised they had been round the right way the first time so were now round the wrong way) and at the furthest point from home the heavens opened. Made it back home looking like a drowned rat and unable to feel my toes. Dried off, warmed up and recorded a new podcast. Just Dave & I since Iain’s mic was on the fritz.

Sunday; cyclocross. Got up, changed the tyres round and headed to Inverkeithing for a cyclocross event. Apparently, cyclocross means trying to pedal through mud for an hour. Talking to other people there other events aren’t as muddy as that. Certainly, it felt like an act of attrition trying to complete the circuit. It also meant that I struggled to get the bike clean when I got home. Then the sick set in. I washed the bike, ate and then woke up on the sofa having wrapped myself in a towel for a blanket. This was rather confusing given I had no memory of lying down.

A quick check of my general faculties revealed I had no energy whatsoever to make it to the Tegan & Sara gig that night so I was glad I hadn’t picked up a ticket yet. Climbed into bed at nine which meant I’d been upright for only about ten hours on Sunday.

Woke this morning to stomach cramps and aching muscles all over. Tried to force down breakfast anyway and was heading out the door when I caught a look at myself in the mirror. At that point it made a lot more sense to head back to bed than inflict the grimacing hunchback on my workmates.

At least it wasn’t during my holidays.