Hi, how are you today?

So many things I should have written about but I’m not going to go into too much detail here. They’re past and now is now. I’ll summarise a few things in the hope that simply logging in and writing will get me back into some kind of rhythm.

I went down to Nottingham to help out with the Survival of the Fittest race. It was a cracking good day’s work during which I sent a few thousand people through a very mucky drainage pipe. It was a bit of an epic getting home. Left N’ham at three and made it home not long before midnight. Luckily I had plenty of Answer Me This to listen to.

The following week Pyro & I ran the same race in Edinburgh. It was fun. Running after a night of curry and beer isn’t such a great idea though. I’ve written a race report for Sleepmonsters but it hasn’t appeared yet.

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Frank Turner in concert and it was amazing. An awesome ninety minute sing-along of show and supported by Fake Problems! Double result. I only saw about half of Fake Problems’ set, but I did pick up their last two albums on vinyl afterwards along with a couple of 7s. How Far Our Bodies Go is currently spinning on the rather lovely Systemdek iix I’ve taken delivery of from Dave at work.

We had a Zombie Club pow-wow and a couple of the others are up for trying a podcast. Should be a good laugh. Lots of plans for EZC and the new year.

Saw Dawn… and Day of the Dead at the Cameo last night. Two wonderful presentations with some interesting Q&As as well. Meant I was fucking knackered when I got up today though and so didn’t take the car to work to pick up the turntable. Really wish I had cos lugging ten kilos of large, cumbersome hifi equipment home on public transport was painful. I reckon it’ll be a day or so before my arms move back into their sockets. It does, however, sound awesome. Needs some alterations but nothing major. Better shielded cables as the media centre plays havoc with it.

My piece of paper tells me there are six movies I haven’t noted down yet. I’ll probably do a post of everything and limit myself to a hundred words per film.