Hurt Locker

I am so very glad I went to the cinema to see this film. I’m normally sceptical these days about any film that people say has to be seen on the big screen. All too often I feel that’s a way of saying “this film is dumb as a bag of hammers so you have to be distracted by the spectacle of it”. Not so with The Hurt Locker, this is a film you should see on the big scren so that you can’t be distracted while watching it.

Possibly I shouldn’t have watched this so soon after listening to Mark Kermode’s review as it definitely coloured my opinion, but I agree with him on so many levels about this film that it doesn’t really matter.

This is a great, great film but it is not a film about the Iraq war. There are no great insights into combat or the soldier’s feelings about the war. It is, instead, a film about men and the macho, posturing, buddy relationships between those men. The story is propelled forward by the introduction of a new officer in the bomb disposal unit who is more gung-ho than the officer he’s replacing, putting the troops under him on edge.

I really can’t recommend this film highly enough, the time flew by and I left feeling completely satisfied with that I’d seen.