One of the reasons I started a LoveFilm account was to start working through all those foreign language or plain arty films that I hadn’t gotten around to picking up. One of these is L’appartement which I’m not ashamed to say I was initially drawn to due the presence of Monica Bellucci. Add to that her husband-to-be Vincent Cassel and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get a run of the mill romance.

Cassel plays Max, a businessman on his way to Tokyo to close a major deal. He’s engaged and seemingly settled in his life. That is until he catches sight of Lisa, the love of his life, in a cafe. Max ditches the business trip to hunt Lisa through the streets of Paris to the apartment that she lives in. Through flashbacks to their earlier life together we get to know what happened to their relationship, to the people around them, the mistakes they made and what they missed.

I’m no expert on romantic cinema by any manner of means, but this is certainly a very interesting entry to the genre. What makes it more interesting the farcical nature of it at times as the two leads play an unwitting game of cat and mouse, not knowing where the other is. Both are superb, bringing an eminently believable chemistry to the screen. It’s not hard to believe they were married just a few years later.

I can definitely see myself picking this one up next time I see it in a sale.