Radio Rental

I’m clearly going soft in the head because this didn’t happen on Friday, it happened on Thursday. I also completely forgot to mention what actually happened on Friday which was that Dad and I went to see Scotland vs. Australia at the Grange and it was good. Australia batted first (thank goodness) and we were treated to a decent show. The last wicket falling on the last ball of the innings was just beautiful. Scotland had a stab at it but then decided to play incredibly defensively and were bowled out.

After that, I joined up with Rae and her pal Scott to go and see Marcus Brigstocke for my last show of the Fringe. I laughed a lot, which isn’t surprising, as he laid into various religions, atheism, agnosticism, iPhone users and Richard Dawkins.

And just to fuck up the timeline of this place even more; today (Monday), I’ve caught up with Defying Gravity (here’s hoping they reveal the big secret next week), finished the job of waxing lounge door number one which I started six months ago and removed the old/applied a new seal around the bath. Because of all this the house stinks to high heaven of various fumes. I was going to stick a new air freshener in the bathroom in an attempt to combat the heady aroma of silicone (strikingly similar to that salt and vinegar smell you get under a watch strap) but I think the combination might prove lethal.