Inglorious Bastards

I can’t be bothered looking up how to mis-spell it so I’ll be referring the film as Inglorious Bastards.

It was alright. No, it was good, in some places it was very good. I can’t point to a section that was weak unless I include any scene which includes Eli Roth attempting to act. Actually, that really surprised me given how good Tarantino is at coaxing performances from actors. Surely he would see the dailies and think “wow, it really looks like I’ve just cast my mate in this”.

However, the film is too long and not by a few minutes, by about an hour. The plot is paper thin and no amount of well made padding can disguise this. You know how that extra half hour in Death Proof added nothing? Well, you could probably do the same here.

It’s by no means a bad film, Tarantino just needs someone to reign him in. What worries me slightly is that there are clearly scenes that have been left out which means there’s undoubtedly a three-hour cut floating around. Luckily, he never seems to revisit his films (where’s the Kill Bill full version?) so we’ll unlikely to see it.

Recommended, once a fan edit turns up.

(Fuck. I’ve got another six films I haven’t written about yet.)