I can’t remember the last time I felt so utterly dog tired at the end of a working week and it’s not as if it’s been a particularly taxing time. I suspect I’ve simply never caught up on rest from the biking at the weekend.

Burn Splash

Doing three of the Seven Stanes’ red routes in a weekend was a reasonably taxing undertaking. I could tell that as by 3/4 of the way round on Saturday’s second trail my vision started to go. I’d spent a couple of minutes trying to blink away something in my eye before realising I really just needed to stop and eat something. Good times.

I was too chicken to try out any of the black route tricks but a few of the others were more adventurous.

Charlie on the qualifier

Funnily enough, this was where “Snakebite” Charlie blew his second inner of the weekend.

50km of single track over a weekend is a decent achievement but I could have really done with either a co-pilot or a satnav for the way back up, preferably a co-pilot. The journey north took more than an hour than necessary due to stupidity and tiredness.

Other News

In other news I did my first show of this year’s Fringe last night and went to see the always entertaining Adam Hills with Alex and Despina. A good night which I got home earlier than usual from as I decided to take the car in. Even so, I still didn’t get as much sleep as I needed, so I’m off to get some more.