True Romance – The Tarantino Cut


I really don’t think I’ve seen True Romance all the way through before, in fact, before watching this I would have probably claimed to have never seen it at all. However, I’d definitely seen the second half before so I can only assume I caught it on TV at some point. What I watched definitely wasn’t the same though as it was a bootleg cut to restore Tarantino’s original vision. From wikipedia;

In 2008 a recut version of the film became widely available for download on the internet. This new version, titled ‘True Romance – The Tarantino Cut,’ reorders the story’s sequence of events to more closely follow the original screenplay.

In addition to restoring the film’s non-linear (Pulp Fiction-like) structure, many deleted and extended scenes were reincorporated into the film. Most notable among the new scenes are sequences set around Alabama which flesh out and develop her character. As well, Tarantino’s original and much darker ending has been restored.

I’d really need to watch both versions of the film a few times to make any kind of judgement on which was better. As it stands, I think the second half of the film was largely unchanged which makes it impossible for me to give a proper view on whether the altered structure makes much of a difference to the narrative.

As it stands, it’s still a great movie and I’m sure I’ll pick up the director’s cut DVD for a few quid the next time I wander into an HMV.