Another weekend in July and another fun weekend marshalling a Rat Race. I got to realise a goal this year and lead the race off on the Sunday morning. That meant wearing the rat suit…

I lead off the Rat Race, dressed in a rather warm outfit

(Photo courtesy of Puds38 on flickr)

My complete lack of training kicked in after about all of 100m but I ran on around the gardens and up to the point first check point underneath the castle. It’s not difficult to keep going when you’ve 500 racers on your heels and the shouts of “Catch the rat!” from team 112. A very warm, sweaty rat took a rest on the bench after completing his run, waving the racers off to their day in the city.

I spent Saturday evening in the suit as well; half an hour in the Grassmarket and half an hour in Bristo. The Grassmarket was mobbed and I was a magnet for stag and hen do’s which was great for the camera crew who were following me. Luckily, I had a trusty helper who rescued me from a stag do who were all for hoisting me on their shoulders and into a pub with them.

After the run on Sunday I was stationed at the ropes section at the Napier campus in Craiglockhart. I spent a couple of happy hours harnessed to a railing, directing very weary racers to climb up a knotted rope. We had a few close calls, but only one person who attempted the climb didn’t make it up. Result!

My bag has now been emptied, the washing done and day one of being back at work is over. I’ve got a bunch of films to note down so I should really get onto that before I forget. Maybe I’ll attempt the Richard Herring style daily entry again, even if it’s just to note done some small event that occured during the day.