In Danger of Forgetting

I’ve hardly watched any films this month it seems. This is really going to hurt my average and since we’re halfway through the year I should probably do a proper count to see what I’m sitting at.

Road Kill

Another Tony Elwood film (he who did Cold Storage from Dead By Dawn). Nice bit of low budget exploitation. A great turn from the head psycho and a fun way to spend ninety minutes.

Zombie Club double bill of Atlantis Interceptors and Demons. I’ve seen Demons before and it remains a great bit of nonsense which proves that when writer’s block strikes you just need to drop a helicopter on your location and all will work out fine.

Atlantis Interceptors, on the other hand, was a complete mess. It was as if three different films had been spliced together with the joins covered up with stock footage. To be fair, that’s quite possibly exactly what it was. Confusion was the order of the day as we all laughed along at the nonsense on-screen. However, it did feature some impressive stunt work with people jumping out of a helicopter onto a moving bus below. No jump cuts, just long shots of the helicopter coming down and people leaping out the open door onto the vehicle. Nice! I can’t say as it’d be worth sitting through the rest of the film for that though.

Wow, I think that’s it for the month. Slacker!