Late Zombies

A New York City double bill for last month’s EZC and possibly the strongest pair we’ve had so far.

Ms. 45

I’ve only seen one Abel Ferrara movie before and that’s the very well known Driller Killer. It must have been while I was at school as I remember watching it on the portable tv in my room which was only there for about nine months. I clearly remember being very unimpressed, as I so often was (and am) with video nasties as I didn’t feel they lived up to the hype I’d given them.

This is the film Ferrara made after DK and it’s a much, much stronger affair. Playing a mute can’t be an easy role for any actor but Zoe Lund does well in what appears to be her first major role. Although this is probably classed as a drama movie, the concept is pure exploitation and I don’t think there can be any other description of a film which rapes its main character twice within ten minutes and in her first role.

Thana’s descent into vigilantism escalates nicely into a very bloody climax. I’ve avoided Ferrara’s work because of my earlier disappointment but after this I definitely need to seek out more.

Basket Case

A film I’d heard of and seen mentioned many, many but never got around to watching…for shame! This is a grade A slice of b-movie schlock. You know that self-referential crap that infected Planet Terror? Well, this film did it a lot better 25 years earlier. Henenlotter managers create a film that is at once an homage and a borderline spoof. Very highly recommended.