On the road again

Tuesday night was my second visit to the Osteo. I’d spent another week resting up with the biggest exertion being chasing Emma around the garden. The diagnosis last week of having a left leg that’s a bit twisted in the tendon department is unchanged. There was definitely more pain than last time as she probed a bit deeper into the muscles. Worst was the comparison between knotted muscles in the knees. On the right; no pain, on the left; oh fuck gonnae no!

It turns out that in combination with tense hip and thigh muscles, the structure of my left foot is a little off as well. All this lopsidedness meets at the knee and causes it problems. The good news is that this seems to be fairly straightforward to keep under control by stretching and concentrating on particular exercises.

So, I headed out on the bike for a very gentle hour’s pedalling and, for the most part, I had no problems. There were a couple of minor twinges and after a month’s rest small hills caused more puffing then necessary but at least I’m back in the saddle. I’ll be keeping to a more structure training plan from now on.