All turned around

I think this self imposed “no training” period has got me all confused as to what day it is. Ordinarily I’d be having a day off on Monday, tai-chi on Tuesday, out for a run on Wednesday and so on and so forth. Now that the Heb has been officially cancelled I’m giving my knees a rest though since I’m still getting twinges after a week of nothing more strenuous than walking I’m still going to take a trip to the physio.

It has certainly been a bit strange having so much more time in the evenings, most of which has been spent procrastinating though it’s not bad to have a week off. I’ve got through a couple of the unwatched DVDs and I’m going to sit down and play some XBox which hasn’t been switched on for nearly a month as far as I can tell. While I don’t want to get into the habit of coming home and sitting on the sofa until it’s time to sleep, a change of pace is relaxing.

The King of Kong

Although it’s well known that the documentary is more fiction than fact it’s still incredibly entertaining. I’ll definitely need to go back and reread the interview in Retro Gamer in which three of the main protagonists give their side of the story which, for the most part, seem to be at odds with what’s on screen. Ah documentary, it appears to be a dead idea. I wonder what we should call works like this which are clearly one-sided and are made to entertain rather than inform.

Eden Lake

Although I’d been warned off this at the last Zombie Club night I was pleasantly surprised. There’s an incredibly sadistic streak running through this slice of English horror though little that feels particularly fresh. To be fair, and I’ve probably said this before, there are very few films of this type that do feel fresh.

The cast all do very well, especially the group of teenagers as their group becomes more fractured. They could have done with at least one fewer though as the dialogue was spread a bit too thin at times.

What sets this apart from another film I watched very recently (though have yet to post about) is that this doesn’t feel like it comes under the heading of “torture porn”. Although their motivation isn’t anything to write home about the antagonists are at least believable. For most of the time at least, but I did feel that the conclusion was too obvious and relied on too many coincidences.

Sadly, I see the writer has a hand in Descent 2, a film for which there is no need.