Return of the Shoot ‘Em Up

Last night was Grindhouse night over in Cardenden at chez Gogs and Debbie. They’ve got a sweet projector setup which would have been better if the sun hadn’t been shining quite so brightly but we made do.

First on the double bill was Shoot ‘Em Up, a film which I’ve been warned off and heard lauded in roughly equal measure and after watching it I can see both sides of the argument quite clearly. This is a film that can only be described as ludicrously over the top. On the other hand, you could describe it as not taking itself seriously. You might have a problem with the latter description given the excessively violent and comic nature of the film. For me it was okay, I enjoyed the daft jokes and the violence in equal measure, I’d even pick it up for another watch if it was a couple of quid which I suspect it will be before too long.

The second film, Returner, was a good reminder of why I stopped paying much attention to people telling me that action movie X from Asia was great. Uninspired plot, bad acting, horrible stereotypes and yawn inducing sentimentality. Leave it on the shelf.

I’ve still got a crap load of movies to note down from Dead By Dawn this year. The reason I haven’t so far is that it was an uninspired bunch this year with little to rave about.