I installed the latest release of Ubuntu the other night and for the most part it works fine there are a couple of developer discussions I think I should recreate. At least, how I think they went.

Amarok 2

Hey guys, you not what would make Amarok 2 really super awesome?

No, what?

Well, let’s take all the stuff that was good about it and throw it away. Various Artists albums will now be difficult to find because we’ll just list the individual tracks, there won’t be any media device support in 2.0 so you’ll just have to copy files over manually, oh, and let’s make the interface look like something from KDE1 but with rounded corners. Oh, and crashing is the new cool.


Hey guys, you know how we’ve got a nice thing going on here with a solid platform that works well and is pretty snappy? Let’s rewrite the codebase so that it’s all slow, makes use of way too many widget type things, is unresponsive and requires hardware acceleration to work well. Oh, and put in a file manager application that looks like a barely updated Motif.

Network Manager

I know, it’d be awesome if the network  manager wasn’t intelligent anymore and swapped between wired and wireless connections automatically. Instead, let’s make it use both connections at once! That’ll be super awesome!

So I’ve moved over to using Gnome which is nice and fast if a little simplistic in places. However, there’s one thing that Kubuntu definitely gets right and that’s automatically detecting if the app you launch needs superuser privileges. If I fire up synaptic from the launcher in Gnome it’ll tell me I can’t do anything cos I’m not root, meaning I have to launch it with gksudo synaptic. Launching synaptic in KDE automatically brings up the root password prompt.

Ho hum, it still does just about everything I want. Sadly, my graphics card is now completely unsupported by ATi so there’s no chance of anything hardware acceleration. Oh, and the vpn is broken again.