Just popped in to say “hello”

The subject is how I feel about my flat at the moment. It feels like a dog’s age since I had a night here that involved anything more than just sleeping. So, a quick precis of what’s been happening, a few movies and then back out the door for the Dead By Dawn weekend. The latter will ensure that I do little more than sleep for the first few days of next week.

The weekend just gone was the second attempt at a trip to the Lake District and this one was much more successful. We did a variation on the Walna Scar route on Saturday with an extra loop which brought the distance up to 37km. A decent day out but a little too much pushing the bike on the way back over the Scar. Also, my brakes were bollocksed by the end of it and a bit of attempted maintenance back at the youth hostel resulted in brake fluid spillage.

Due to the brake fiasco, I had to hire a bike on Sunday but this proved very easy in Keswick and surprisingly cheap at £20 for a day’s hire of a very well maintained bike. It was certainly appreciated as we biked over the Borrowdale Bash. A great route, despite the Lakes’ propensity for very loose downhills.

So Monday was spent in a waking daze, Tuesday was tai-chi and woo! I can now pretty much make it to third Bhudda. Last night was Zombie Night (and probably the least attended so far) and now I’ve got Dead By Dawn. The astute will notice there has been no running in the last week and the previous one wasn’t much better. I definitely need to start abandoning my lunchtime book and start getting some more kilometers under my feet.

The following is the dull movie round-up.

Female Agents

Pretty good though I did comment to friends that it was as trashy as I’d hoped. Probably the presence of Sophie Marceau should have alerted me. But yes, as a female version of the Dirty Dozen it was a lot of fun and exactly the kind of nonsense I needed when I watched it.

13 Tzameti

Weird, indie, monochrome French movie. Highly recommended. Penniless roof repairman puts himself in the way of a well paying job but unfortunately it just might kill him. Watch it. Fantastic.


A bit of Hollywood for a change. A solid enough movie but one that is constrained by the medium and necessarily has to focus more on the human aspect (though we get little of the villain’s motives) than the nuts and bolts. Being a fan of spies and espionage, that is what would have interested me more but that’s what books are for where you can flip backwards and forwards. Good though.

Let The Right One In

My word! A vampire movie I didn’t fidget through and actually enjoyed! Reasonable to excellent performances from the child actors and a good twist on this overly tired genre.


A blaxploitation classic and deservedly so. Most people will probably not enjoy this for the usual reason that the originals are not like the parodies. Planet Terror? Yeah, I’d like to see the b-movies that were anything like that. Very good film and I want to watch more Jack Hill. Speaking of which…

Switchblade Sisters

Othello remade with girl gangs in 70s America. Brilliant. Sadly, as usual, I had to leg it before the end of the film to catch my train but I was thoroughly enjoying this slice of exploitation. There’s a DVD purchase in the offing for this one. I’m choosing to ignore the stand out tasteless scene. It’s hard to understand why it made it in, it really is. If I say Straw Dogs you’ll either know what I mean or not.