This week has been surprisingly tiring. There’s also been more beer than an average week. I’ve not been drunk or particularly hungover, but I think I’ve had a beer every night this week. Very unusual for me these days.

Also this week my moderatorship over at the Consolevania forums came to an end. It’s been a lot of fun but checking the boards has felt like a chore for some time now so it’s high time we let some new blood take over. Well, I say we, but John’s staying on as an admin in case anyone fucks things up royally. For my own part it’ll be nice to be able to participate in discussions without having to wonder if people will see the comments as coming from me or from the Mod Team.

Epic music find of the year – Baby Bird’s Original Lo-Fi collection for £3 in Fopp! Six discs of Stephen Jones’ genius. I am going to have so much fun listening intently to all of it and it’s spurred me on to plug the gaps in my Baby Bird collection.