So far behind

Must get caught up before the end of the month. That’s right, it’s round-up time!

Black Book

I’ve been a fan of Paul Verhoeven ever since I watched Robocop at the tender age of about 12 (don’t tell my parents). It was around the time I was beginning to understand that what was behind the camera was important as what was in front. This is another solid film from him though not without its faults. The action appears to take place over a matter of days which stretches credibility in places. It is though, a lot of fun, well acted and with at least one trademark scene of ultra-violence.


Laugh out loud funny in places, this British indie is destined to be one of those films which I’ll watch on a fairly regular basis and will feel as warm and comforting every time. Confusingly, the film appears twice on imdb. Watch it. Funny. Tits.

Two from this month’s Edinburgh Zombie Club.

City of the Living Dead

I should have seen this at my first Dead By Dawn all-nighter but it came on about 6am with a warning from Adele that the print looked like it had been attacked with sandpaper. So I left. Probably just as well since this makes little sense even for a zombie movie. The often mentioned drill/head sequence is pretty ludicrous though Catriona MacColl getting covered in maggots isn’t something you see every day. Most head scratching end to a film I’ve seen in a while. All the zombies appear to be dead but there’s lots of screaming. shrug

Cannibal Apocalypse

Not to be confused with Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust, this is John Saxon and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (for it was a night dedicated to him) as Vietnam vets who return with a craving for flesh. Much better than the previous film this was definitely the highlight of the night. Kids, you gotta love ‘em.


Not nearly as good as the book, ain’t it always the way. Spike Lee turns Rocco into little more than a cut-out and Strike seems thinner of character. Also, what’s with the train set? Where did that come from? If it’s in the book, I must have blocked it out.

The Incredible Hulk

I was one of the few people who liked Ang Lee’s version but I can’t say as I warmed to this one. The director’s swung in completely the opposite direction from the first film and made it all HULK SMASH! with less attention paid to character. At least, I think so, I kinda drifted off during it. Woo, a climax featuring two CGI monsters knocking lumps out of each other. Impressive, but not engaging.