Not quite the planned weekend

This was supposed to be the weekend that Tim, Sandy and I would spend doing silly things on mountain bikes in the Lake District. Sadly, we never made it south of the border.

It started off well on Friday morning when Tim and Sandy turned up. We had a roof rack this time so I didn’t have to suffer a bike wheel bouncing off my head. We made good time through the wind and rain, deciding that heading to the trail at Mabie on the way down was the plan. As we drove through Dumfries itself Tim noticed that the warning light for the car’s water was on. We dutifully pulled into a side street and got out to inspect/stretch legs.

Tim’s car isn’t new, it’s a 15 year old sports coupe and so on finding the water level to be fine he put the problem down to a dodgy sensor. We jumped back in and headed to Mabie.

Although a little on the cold and damp side, we had a great time bouncing round the red route. Teas, coffees and a Mars bar at the cafe later and we were ready to head to Cumbria with just a quick stop at Halfords so that Tim could purchase some water in case of further problems. Two  minutes out of Halfords I noticed the light was back on so we pulled into the car park of a Travelodge and got out to inspect. This time, it was clear that water was being lost at quite a rate.

After much swearing and experimentation by Tim he was positive this was Game Over. I used my AA membership to get a second opinion and they concurred. However, it would probably be possible to limp home most of the way if we kept the revs down, the heaters on and kept topping up the reservoir.

And so we did that. Tim kept us moving with the revs as low as possible and we varied between cooking when the windows were closed and freezing our nuts off when we opened up to let the heat out. Eighty miles later we were back in Edinburgh without having had to top up more than a mouthful.

By the time I got back it had been a twelve hour+ day for 2 hours in the saddle. Mind you, better that than if we’d had to limp home from the Lakes along b-roads trying to keep the revs below 2k.

Instead, I had a lazy day of Saturday, watched two disappointing films and then went out to Blairadam forest this afternoon to find trails. I managed to leave my helmet at home though so any heroics would have to be left to another day.


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James TurnbullMarch 29th, 2009 at 8:27 pm

Boo to Timbo’s car!