They Mostly Come Out At Night

So the weather appears to have turned for the time being and it was positively warm this evening as I walked up the hill. Since this is the only free night I have before the Mighty Deerstalker at the weekend I was determined to get out for a run and the nice weather ensured I didn’t chicken out.

It’s amazing what a slight increase in temperature will do for the number of runners of an evening. I passed several couples and trios, several of whom I didn’t recognise. I didn’t see any at all for the latter half of my run though, as I decided that it’d be a good idea to run along the cycle track, around Townhill Loch and round the back of the sports grounds. Y’know, where there’s no lighting at all. It may be getting lighter but that doesn’t mean the ambience is enough to properly light the way.

However, there was enough to make out what was just ahead of me and I know the paths well so came to no harm.

If you look to the top right and see the widget you’ll notice several tracks by the Andrew Jackson Jihad appearing. I first heard them on the Vinyl Collective podcast and the song Rejoice blew me away. Enjoy this version being performed live in a parking lot.