A bit sore

I intended to go out for a run this evening but having fallen asleep on the train home and then almost tripping over my own feet coming up the stairs to the back door I figured that would likely end in my running into something. Instead I’ve done my press-ups and practised some tai-chi.

My knees are feeling it a bit with the tai-chi which I’m currently putting down to using new muscles and a bit of badly placed footwork. I’ll need to get it sorted quickly though as putting my joints under regular stress isn’t exactly the end game. I’m still suffering from goldfish syndrome when it comes to practising the form, but I can make it quite happily to first buddha without reference though the journey to second is still less than smooth. My arms are fair aching after last night’s training session, I presume due to the pushing/balance exercises. Kinda suggests I wasn’t using my legs for the pushing in that case.