The latter days of February

Front/Nixon – As good as other people claim it is, though the final day feels very rushed. I’d like to watch the original recordings at some point and see if Frost actually did manage to demolish Nixon quite so quickly at the last minute.

Still Waiting – The original may have been a lot of fun, this straight-to-DVD sequel is not. The only redeeming feature is the presence of Tania Raymonde so that you can watch it in the vain hope that it actually turns out to be an episode of Lost.

This month’s Edinburgh Zombie Club night was a Mexican themed night. Luckily there weren’t any tacos on offer as being in such a confined space after spicy food wouldn’t be a good plan.

First up was Muñecos infernale (aka Curse of the Doll People). The first thing that struck me about the film was how quickly a subtitled, black and white movie with dramatic opening music can clear a room of non-movie fans. It’s a shame so many of them left because it turned out to be a decent bit of fun, definitely the sort of thing that EZC needs as everyone laughed along heartily at the dated offering.

The dolls were hilarious as the dwarfs playing them walked oh-so-slowly up to their victims, drawing out the film’s running length as much as they could. Some of the sequences felt like they should have had a canned laughter track though we did a good job of providing that ourselves.

Following that, we have Night of The Bloody Apes which allows me to tick off another title from the 1984 nasties list. Unfortunately, while the subject matter seemed right up my street I struggled to stay awake for this one. Late nights and a couple of beers meant that I missed a few crucial plot points and so struggled to understand what was going on.

Ha! Man transplants ape heart into his son to cure leukemia, son turns into half-ape person and goes off to rape and murder. It’s not difficult to follow. Again, there are some cracking moments of comedy but I doubt I’ll be revisiting this one. A lot of the “so bad they’re good” films really only have a shelf life of a single viewing, once the initial wonder about what’s going to set this one out from the pack has faded there’s usually precious little to come back for.

Last, and oh so definitely not least, My Name Is Bruce, from the Chin himself. It was everything I hoped it would be, pure B-grade schlock done with such knowing, love and aplomb that it becomes better than it probably should be. If you like Bruce Campbell and his persona you’ll probably like this film, if you prefer cinema of a higher calibre you’ll probably not understand why I liked it so much.

This puts me at a total of 21 new films at the end of February.