ConCon 3

Attended the third ConCon at the weekend and it was definitely a mixed bag. While it was great catching up with, or meeting for the first time, the majority of the attendees it’s unsurprisingly not much fun to meet someone who you consider a dick on a forum and it turns out they’re a dick in real life.

Perhaps we shouldn’t have arranged such an early start to the day, but that aside, it’s up to the individual to know their limits and not tank as much drink as they can. Especially when others are telling them to pace themselves.

Falling under the table at 7:30pm is not a good sign. Dividing the country into northern poofs, shandy drinking souther poofs, cunts and hard men from the northeast who do nothing but drink, fight and fuck doesn’t endear you to anyone. Neither does asking incredibly personal questions of other people at the table.

Having the night wrap itself up at 10:30 was a real blow. Especially to those who traveled a long way to be there and find themselves verbally abused in “jest”.

We’ll see how many people are willing to attend the summer bash if certain people announce that they’ll be going. I suspect the numbers will drop dramatically in that case.